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"I  just  wanted to let you know that I went to see Pam's band Heartbreaker on Friday.  Let me say, I was impressed.  The vocals were great, and she had no problem hitting the high notes. The musicians were great too. The guitar was as close to Neil's playing as I've ever heard. Pam has a lot of Pat's moves down. And the overall effect is great!! If you can't get to see Pat, this a a good alternate choice. I had a great time, and they ROCK!!...I hope some of you others try to get a chance to see them.You won't be disappointed. I know wasn't and I'm a very loyal Pat fan. No one can ever replace Pat and  Neil but Heartbreaker does a great   tribute  to  them!!" 2-28-00  S. Petty, CA
"I sure enjoyed your outdoor show yesterday. You and the guys put alot of work into it, with all the gear set-up and tear-down involved. It was a gorgeous afternoon and the crowd sure enjoyed your music. It was cute seeing the children dancing and enjoying themselves. Thank you for the invitation and I look forward to seeing Heartbreaker again soon."
                                                  2-6-00  S. Mead, CA
Speaking of Pat's Benatar's recent comment to her fans at The Sun Theater in Anaheim,CA regarding her 2000 tour being the last in which she'll do her "old" material...Jason Y. writes:

"Alas, if the oldies are gone for good, there's always Pamela's HeartBreaker. Whoo-ya, they're a local So. Cal band!! If you haven't checked out the website, do it. Ms. Edgar's quite incredible, hitting the high notes (but your heart says try agaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiin"). with Pat Montoya's ensuing lead solo dually impressive. Don't miss the killer ending too. Can you tell I'm dying to see them live? Now if only they'll be adding some "True Love" songs to the list :o)"     6-2-00 Jason Y., CA
" I just listened to Pam's Heartbreaker, and I can only say: WOW!!! She does a very good job, and I just hope she and her band play here in Vancouver soon so I can see 'em live!" 6-1-00  Rufino P. D.
"Hola! Has anyone else heard Pam's MP3's of Pat tunes? I was blown away! I played Heartbreaker over and over so loud I busted my headphones LOL. You are incredible!  I couldn't believe what I was hearing." 
5-11,22-00  E. Romero, CA
"I agree - I am VERY impressed with Pam's voice. When I listened to Precious Time, at first I wasn't sure who it was -- she or Pat. Pam . . . has Pat ever heard you that you are aware of? Hard to impress when it ain't Pat but I'm impressed".  5-23-00 K.L. PBOLFC
"I went to see one of their shows a while back...and I was very impressed. Every song they did was great. Pam nails every vocal part of the songs they do. The high parts are clear and powerful. I think that if Pat heard Pam sing one of her songs, she would be impressed too. I'm going to see Pam/Heartbreaker again this weekend. Any of you in the area should try to get a chance to see one of their shows. Being a Pat fan, you won't be disappointed."   5-23-00  Syndee P., CA
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"I have been a fan of Pat for a long time.  I found your website through the link on the fan club page.  I really like the video and audio clips you have posted on your site.  I have never had the opportunity to see you perform and was curious how you sounded. 

You renditions are really good.  I am impressed.  In fact, I hate to admit it, but your version of Precious Time is better than I have ever heard Pat sing that song in concert--and I have quite a few versions of it!

I was wondering if you sell video or audio tapes of your performances.  Being in the Midwest, I doubt I will have an opportunity to see you perform.

Great work and keep on rockin'," 6-9-00 P. Stuiber
Kudos to you and your band. I found your website while looking up a band name, clicked on your site, and really enjoyed your mp3s as well as the entire site.  Being (of course) a huge Pat fan, it sounds like you are covering her work very small feat.

Does Pat know of your band?  I've had the priveledged opportunity to sit with Pat on a few occassions and "talk shop."I sing a few of her songs in a Phoenix based 80's band called Rock Lobster and have always admired her as a musician and now, as a person. Oddly enough,it felt like a dream come true. I hope you know what I mean.

For being in a cover band, we hold our own. But being in a tribute band forces you to be THAT much more precise (and you picked a tough lady to mimic.)  Keep up the good work. Its always nice to find quality entertainers hard at work."     
6-8-00     :-) Stephanie
"Hello! I Went to see Pam. It was Heartbreaker and an Aerosmith tribute band. Heartbreaker played first but had the bigger turn out. I had chills running down my spine when they opened with Little Too Late. The band was right on.I almost thought it was play back or sumthin.hey also did Wuthering Heights, incredible! The crowd went crazy with Hit me... & Heartbreaker. It felt like a Pat show. We got to hang out with Pam and Patrick (her gutarist and b/f) and few others after the show. I recall some people with Aerosmith shirts hanging out and the topic was Pat! Some of the people at the taco shop were tripping on us and I thought it was cool that Pam in a way promotes Pat. She got a few strangers to possibly take some interest in Pat again. Ate some "tacos de cabeza" MMMMMMM, had Pam "the mechainic girl" start our car and we went home. LOL" 6-7-00 E. Romero
I'd just like to say thank you to all of those who have posted, visited, sent e-mails and seen our show. It truly means alot. Thank you. Pamela, HeartBreaker, and the Band. 6-00
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