Heartbreaker - A Tribute To Pat Benatar @ The Shack by Jaemie Fairbanks
I have had the great opportunity to see Heartbreaker twice at The Shack in Anaheim. If you were a Benatar fan way back when or you were into rock in general when Pat hit it big you will LOVE this band. Their tribute is just that, "a tribute". Everything is "right-on" the mark.

Pamela Edgar fronts the band with a voice that will give you goose bumps. Her range is exactly like Benatar's and she hits every note and word verbatin. She even has Benatar's moves down and tops it off with her characteristic leather jacket. She sings all of Benatar's hits and throws in a few of her own album favorites.

Her lead guitarist, Patrick Montoya, is extremely talented and put all the other bands playing those nights, completely to shame (Atomic Punks, Strangers in the Night to name a few). I have always been the kind of fan that knows not only all of the lyrics but most of the guitar and drum riffs. Which I admit is odd since I have never played an instrument in my life! Patrick hits every single note, every rythym and every solo piece perfectly. He is a perfectionist and it shows!

As I read in another band's fan review a moment ago, the fans who go out to see a tribute band, want to hear all the hits, each song in it's entirety, and for the music to be the same. Heartbreaker has all that! I paid attention to each note and to each pause and they hit them ALL. They are also very approachable and very nice to the fans. They are the type who really care about their music and everyone who comes out in support.

I could go on about how much I love this band - so to save your eyes from strain reading this on have to go out and see them! They are booking gigs all around Orange County & Los Angeles fast. So if you come out and see a blond chick somewhere in the crowd, air drumming and singing along with Pamela at the top of her lungs...that would be me! Come out and tell them Jaemie sent you!
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